ESOTERIC KOU  -  Born from Zen

"ESOTERIC KOU" is not only about theory and knowledge, but also about taking physical actions. When both the mind and body are united, the daily awakening is to be opened. It is our belief that we cannot build a healthy body without a healthy mind and we cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body. Our brand believes in maintaining a good balance between the two.
With a healthy mind, we can achieve a healthy mind. It is a very simple Buddhist teaching, but it is difficult to practice it consistently in our lives. We believe that choosing one destination, whether it is about fitness or maintaining a healthy diet, eventually leads to the well being of both mind and body. Make yourself "empty" and fill it with your own values. The shape of the circle of our brand represents a consistency that we should practice in order to achieve what we are looking for that can fill each individual's empty canvas.
「弘」has the meaning of being wide and big. We hope that the teachings of Buddhism will spread to as many people as possible without discrimination.