Chijimi Takashima Amulet Mask

Regular price ¥1,800

− 100% cotton (including mask and string)

− This is the Dainichiji original mask produced by praying for physical health and disease-free breathing.

We use materials with unique touch and breathability, and excellent antibacterial and antiviral functions.

-Outside: Chijimi Takashima fabric, a fabric that has been useful as underwear fabric that can be worn inside kimono since the Edo period.

-Inside: Kurabo Industries' antibacterial and antiviral functional fiber processing technology "CLEANSE®" gauze is used. Antibacterial and antiviral functional fiber processing technology "CLEANSE ®" is Kurabo Industries' original processing technology that uses the immobilized antibacterial component "Etak ®" to strongly immobilize on the fiber surface. Immobilized antibacterial ingredient Etak is a commercialized ingredient based on the disinfectant used for treatment and cleaning of the oral cavity by the research of Professor Hiroki Nikawa of Hiroshima University Graduate School.